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Diffuse place

Take a good look at the photo, and tell me what you see in it? Many will immediately notice a clear starry sky, a large galaxy, or a cluster of stars in the middle of a photo. But none of that is true. This is one of the few photographs that shows one phenomenon that is not easy to capture by photographing. The name Gegenschein denotes a diffuse place that is exactly opposite the Sun and where this interesting phenomenon appears. Gegenschein causes the reflection of sunlight on interplanetary dust. This dust fills the interplanetary space with small particles from 1/1000 to 1 millimeter in size. This creates a dynamic cloud of dust that fills the space between the planets in the plane of the solar system.


Many of us have not even paid attention to something very interesting happening in the sky. If you observe the starry sky in detail in a dark place – you can notice interesting phenomena. After dusk and before dawn, along the length of the ecliptic path you can notice the “zodiacal light”. During this period, interplanetary dust scatters bright light toward the earth. Unlike zodiacal light, Gegenschein appears directly opposite the Sun. Phenomenon is a play of light on dust particles that fill interplanetary space. Many ask – how can it be seen? Hard. Even under the best conditions – Gegenschein is quite a muted glow for the human eye. A little brighter in the middle is hardly noticeable. The photo you see is a contrast-enhanced Gegenschein space. So much so that you know what it’s all about.


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