Van Alens Belts are a kind of shield for the Earth

Van Alens Belts protects the Earth from radiation
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Interesting belts

Flight into space has always been the dream of many on Earth. Over time, spacecraft were made that made that dream come true. However, very quickly everything was forgotten and people did not often fly into space. At this point, many of you will have a question for me. – What about ISS and human flights to that space station? It is not my intention to talk about it. Because the ISS is located on a space scale very close to the Earth’s surface. It is not my intention to argue, but – was this an insurmountable obstacle for people to go to the moon. Therefore, I want to say something about Van Allen belts. I want to say something about Van Allen belts. Without this, there would certainly be no life on our planet as we know it.

Van Alens belts

Van Allen’s belts were discovered back in 1958. They were named after the inventor. It was the American physicist James Alfred van Allen. The Earth’s magnetic field has a strong influence. Therefore, electrically charged particles move at high speeds and create a strong source of electromagnetic radiation. When solar activity intensifies, geomagnetic storms occur in the Van Allen belts. Therefore, this poses a danger. Storms can damage spacecraft. There are inner and outer Van Allen belts. However, in 2012, a third temporary one was found.

Belt location

The inner belt is located at an altitude of 1000 to 10000 km. The outer belt is in the range of 13,000 to 60,000 km. The third and non-permanent Van Allen belt is located in the space between these two belts. The belts do not have the correct shape. Due to that, it is difficult to register the shape. On the illuminated side the solar wind pushes the belts towards the Earth. On the dark side, they are stretched into space. However, belts are very important. Van Allen’s belts are a kind of shield for the Earth. At 11.5 kilometers above the Earth, a barrier was discovered that stops high-energy electrons that threaten satellites and astronauts. Above those 11.5 kilometers ….

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