asteroids are exciting rocks in space
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Visible to the naked eye

Asteroids are very familiar alien objects that are often talked about in public. Together with comets and meteors, they form small and familiar bodies of the solar system. This objects is circumnavigate the sun with their own trajectories and are usually irregular in shape, ranging in size from a few meters to 500 or more kilometers. If, in the early stages of planet formation, all the remnants of protoplanetary matter are not annexed to the newly created planets – then objects are created as the remains of that creature. In addition to orbiting the sun, there are many objects that, as natural satellites, gravitate around some large planets. On some clear starry nights, some objects are visible with smaller binoculars. Astronomers have identified of objects into several sizes. Bodies larger than 50 meters in size are asteroids, and less than 50 meters in length are meteorides.

Dangerous asteroids

Objects are most often found in the so-called asteroid belt. The main belt in the solar system is located between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. In this belt, the sun orbits in independent orbits, but that orbit is the same as the direction of the planet. There are potentially dangerous objects around the Earth, and these bodies close to the Earth (NEO) are divided into three groups. Apollo and Athena are very dangerous objects that intersect Earth’s orbit, and Amorite asteroids do not intersect Earth’s orbit – but they approach the Earth very close and become a great danger. There is another asteroid belt that extends beyond Neptune’s orbit all the way to the outer part of the solar system. It is the Kuiper belt, with more than 100,000 asteroids over 100 kilometers long. Asteroids are fast objects, but they can be seen in the sky.


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