A distant supernova
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Big explosion

Supernovae are extremely interesting phenomena in space. They can be seen all over the universe. They happen suddenly, and the duration of their appearance is very different. At the time of the explosion, the glow of the supernova often obscures the entire galaxy for days or even months. Much has been written about the power of these phenomena, but it is very difficult to understand. These super-powerful star explosions are the largest explosions the human eye has ever seen. However, if we look at individual galaxies – supernova explosions are not common. Every 100 years, two or three supernovae happen in our galaxy. The same goes for other galaxies that are similar in size to our Milky Way. Unfortunately, we do not see all the phenomena of supernovae in our galaxy. Space dust blocks the view of most supernovae in our Milky Way.

A distant supernova

However, the exploration of this cosmic phenomenon is turned not only by our galaxy but also outside the Milky Way. Because the universe contains an incredible number of galaxies, astronomers have the ability to track hundreds of supernovae outside our Milky Way each year. These cosmic phenomena have been monitored and researched for many years. Each animation or photo of the supernova brings some exciting new information. The video you see was made from photos taken 14 years ago. These photos show the sequence of events in that period, and this interesting video was made of them. The supernova happened 17,000 light-years away. All those years, images of what happened a long time ago in that space of deep space traveled to us. Fascinating.


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