Soul and Heart Nebula

Soul and Heart Nebula two close nebulae
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Two nebulae

The Soul Nebula is a large emission nebula located in the constellation Cassiopeia, approximately 6,000 light-years from Earth and has an estimated age of 1 million years. The nebula is the neighbor of IC 1805 – The Heart Nebula and the two deep-sky objects are often mentioned together as the “Soul and Heart”.

Soul and Heart Nebula

The Heart and Soul Nebulae complex spans an area about 300 light years across and is a vast star-forming region illuminated by the light of the young stars surrounded by star-forming clouds of dust and gas. The two large clouds are separated by only 2.5 degrees and physically connected by a bridge of gas. The stars in the region are less than a few million years old and are only beginning their life.

Technical details:
Scope: William Optics Zenithstar Z73II + Flat 73A
Camera: ZWO Asi 1600mm pro
Guiding: Sky Watcher EQ6r Pro, ZWO Asi 224mc, William Optics Uniguide
Total integration: 19.5 hours

autor: Bogdan Bordeianu