Regulus is seen with the naked eye like a single star. But it is actually a system with two pairs of stars. Beautiful
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Beautiful starry sky

In a starry night with clear skies above us, we see beautiful stars dotted with the sky. Many of these stars can be easily recognized. Regulus is one of them. Regulus looks like a single star to the naked eye. However, it is actually a system with two pairs of stars. Regulus is a binary star system consisting of a blue-and-white star and a vague stellar companion that is not directly visible. Therefore, the companion is considered a white dwarf. The mass of a star is 3.8 times the mass of the Sun, and the radius of a star is about three times that of the Sun. The star’s temperature, 12460 K, emits 288 times more light than the Sun.

The age of the star

The star rotates around its axis very quickly. The speed of rotation at the equator is approximately 318km / s. Due to this rapid rotation, the star deforms into a very convex sphere. Therefore, the equatorial diameter is 32% larger than the diameter of the pole. The age of the star is at least a billion years. Regulus is a multi-star system located in Leo. Its distance from Earth is 79.3 light years. With 1.36 apparent magnitude, it is the brightest star in Leo. Although Regulus is the 21st brightest star in the sky, it is the faintest star of the first magnitude.

Reguslus – little king

The Latin name Regulus means “little king” or “prince”. Regulus is also known by the Arabic name Qalb al-Assad and the Latin Cor Leonis. In Europe, this star is called Rex. These are beautiful names, but today this star system is best known as Regulus. The star is easiest to find in late winter and spring in the northern hemisphere. The best time of year to observe stars and objects in the deep sky of Leo is April.

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