Oumuamua is a mysterious object that came from afar
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Discovered 2017

Many lovers of the starry sky and deep space dream of one day discovering something that others have never seen before. It is in the nature of every human being and it is quite normal. If we pay attention to the solar system, except for the discovery of some new small planetary satellites (eg Jupiter’s moons) – “everything is probably found” in the solar system. But, the question of objects that do not belong to our solar system, and which appear in it – is an extremely exciting idea. One such object was discovered only in 2017. Oumuamua is the first interstellar object discovered in our solar system. I said “only in 2017”, because according to Oumuamu’s calculations, it entered our solar system in 1837. That is a long time ago. The object is certainly old.

What is Oumuamua

Many may now ask – how was Oumuamua not discovered earlier? Far from the Sun, this object did not give enough light to be seen even with the best telescopes. Oumuamua was moving at 70,000 miles per hour and it was not easy to “observe”. When it approached the Sun, this object remained for a very short time in a small area where it was registered by telescopes. After the object passed by the Sun – the reflected Oumuamua light began to dim rapidly. The Hubble Telescope last observed the Oumuamua object in January 2018. When an object reaches magnitude 25 – for all of us, it has disappeared from the sky.

Various theories

It entered the solar system in 1837 at a distance of 1000 AU, and at the exit from the solar system and at a distance of 1000 AU – in 2196. With an interesting shape resembling a cigarette, Oumuamua not been classified as an object. There are various theories about what has penetrated our solar system, but it is difficult to prove all that. One thing is for sure – Oumuamua was the first registered visitor outside our solar system. We will probably never know what exactly it was. Oumuamua will never reach us again. Happy her magnificent journey to infinity ….


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