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An open set of stars offer you unforgettable visual experiences and are some of the most beautiful objects you can see – even with the naked eye. The much-known Pleiades and Hyades are examples of open cluster, and you won’t need binoculars or a telescope. A clear starry sky is enough, a view of the Pleiades or Hyades and enjoyment can begin. An open cluster is generated at about the same time from the same molecular cloud. The number of stars in object can range from a few tens to several hundred thousand stars. These stars can remain in this set for millions of years, and there are massive open cluster that exist for several billion years.


They can only be found in galaxies where new stars are born – in irregular and spiral galaxies. More than a thousand open clusters of stars have been found in our Milky Way. You can see in the picture the extraordinary but many little known open cluster – NGC 2362. It is included in the Caldwell catalog as one of the best non-Messier objects. It is located in the constellation Canis Major, and is about 5,000 light-years away. NGC 2362 is an impressive open cluster of about 50 stars focused on the shining star Tau Canis Majoris. This star has an apparent magnitude of 4.35, and many astro guides also retain this magnitude for NGC 2362.


However, the rest of the open cluster stars are in the range 7 – 14 of the apparent magnitude. NGC 2362 is a very nice but also interesting open set of stars. When you look at the Tau Canis Majoris star through a small telescope (3 inches) you see many tiny stars around it. But if you look at that region with averaged vision (apartment look) – space is literally booming with many more stars.

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