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Galaxy in Draco

NGC 5906 is a beautiful and relatively close galaxy located in the constellation Draco. It is a spiral galaxy that we can see with an 8-inch telescope. It is assumed that it is a spiral galaxy, because it seems very thin due to its width. This galaxy is located 45 million light-years from the solar system, and with an apparent magnitude of 11.3 is often a nice task for an astrophotographer. NGC 5906 in the photos looks very impressive. The estimated magnitude of NGC 5906 is 130,000 light-years, and as such it is approaching the solar system at a speed of 666 km / sec.

Side view

But don’t worry, NGC 5906 is so far away that probably no one on Earth will see it. When we look at this spiral galaxy from Earth – we see it almost exactly from the side. Something we notice right away – NGC 5906 barely has a central galactic thickening. What we see is a rather small red center of the galaxy. The color is red because almost the entire center is hidden behind opaque dust. Here you see a very nice photo of NGC 5906 spiral galaxy.

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ngc5906 galaxy in draco space

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