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Globular star cluster

Star clusters are to many the most beautiful objects of the deep universe. Charles Messier systematically searched the sky and often discovered new beautiful deep-sky objects. As he filmed the night sky, he often noticed foggy objects to which he later returned and systematically observed. So it happened with this beautiful star set that was introduced in the Messier catalog as M92. This globular star cluster is located in the constellation Hercules, and is not difficult to find. It is approximately 27,000 light-years from Earth, and it is interestingly that this star cluster is as old as the universe itself – the estimated age is 14 billion years.

Messier object

Finding and observing this beautiful object has always been interesting and easy. With 6 magnitude, the M92 spherical set is on the verge of visibility and the naked eye. Of course in places away from light pollution, and under dark skies. You can easily see the M92 with small binoculars, and with larger models it is seen as a recognizable star ball set. The M92 is a frequent target of astrophotographers, and in a picture taken by Eduardo Martinez Arisqueta (with a 6-inch telescope) – you can see the beauty of this stellar set.

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