MESSIER 8 is a beautiful nebula
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Messier 8

Messier compiled a catalog of space objects. The Lagoon Nebula is the eighth object in the Messier catalog. It can be found in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, and is approximately 4,500 light-years from Earth. Messietr 8 is with +6 apparent magnitude – on the verge of being seen with the naked eye. With binoculars and telescopes it is seen as a beautiful celestial object. When viewed from Earth, the surface of the Lagoon Nebula is much larger than the full Moon. That is why it is easy to find. Although introduced in the Messier catalog, the Laguna Nebula was discovered by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Hodierna back in 1654.

Messier 8 Lagon nebula - through telescopes
Messier 8 Lagon nebula – through telescopes

Beautiful area

This is the emission nebula in which stars are still born today. This interstellar hydrogen cloud is beautifully visible with telescopes. An hourglass is the name of the work of the nebula There are very hot and young stars in that part of the cloud. New stars are still forming today. The area is also marked with many dark streaks of dust. However, the Messier 8 is seen with small telescopes as a nebula divided into two parts. When viewed with slightly larger telescopes – a group of tiny stars is also noticeable. The highly ionizing radiation of these young stars creates an intense glow of residual gas. This shows the beautiful picture we see. The lagoon nebula is one of the most beautiful areas in the sky. That is why a lot is being observed.

The star map you see shows the position. The nebula is located in a familiar constellation. Therefore, it is easy to find. Above is a famous object. However, we are now looking for something else. Messier 8 is nice.

M8 position
M8 position

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