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Open cluster

This beautiful globular cluster was first seen in May 1702. Messier 5 was registered by Charles Messier in May 1764. With an estimated age of 13 billion years, Messier 5 is one of the oldest globular clusters of the Milky Way. With an apparent magnitude of 5.7, you can find this star cluster in the direction of the constellation Serpens. This constellation is divided into two parts, on the west Serpens Caput (Snake Head) and on the east Serpens Cauda (Snake Tail). Messier 5 is located in the western part and near the celestial equator in Serpens (Caput).



Messier 5

It is approximately 24,500 light-years from Earth, and this is one of the largest glaobular clusters in the sky. In a dark place, Messier 5 is visible to the naked eye as a “weak star”. Many details can be seen by looking through telescopes. Already with a 6-inch telescope, the globular cluster is recognized as a dense cluster of stars. Of course with a larger telescope you can see a lot of detail, and the outer stars are nicely separated. Thousands of stars in the middle give a fascinating picture of the Messier 5 globular cluster. Beautiful.


M5_Finder position

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