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Messier 4 is the first globular cluster split into individual stars. This is because M4 belongs to Earth’s closest globular star clusters. This is the only star cluster that Charles Messier has managed to break down into individual stars. Object was discovered in 1746 by Philippe Loys de Cheseaux, and is also referred to in catalogs as NGC6121. In the night sky, this star cluster is not hard to see.

Messier 4

You can find the object in the direction of the constellation Scorpio. You can also see this fascinating 5.6-apparent object with smaller telescopes. Although there are results that this globular set is approximately 7200 light-years away from Earth, Recio-Blanco and his experts give new results. According to them, Messier 4 is 5640 light-years from Earth, and with a diameter of 57 years – it contains 65 variable stars. It is moving away from us at a speed of 70 km / s. M4 is overshadowed by interstellar dust and gas because it is located deep in the Milky Way.

M4 in telescopes:

messier 4 in telescopes
messier 4

M4 position:

M4 object position



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