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Messier 2 can be found in the direction of the constellation Aquarius. Charles Messier discovered it in 1760. The globular cluster is located approximately 37,500 light-years from Earth. Therefore, it is far beyond the galactic center. This is the largest and most famous flock in the night sky. The building is approximately 175 light-years in diameter. The apparent size of 6.3 is very great. Therefore, the building can be seen on dark nights, and far from lighting and big cities. The binoculars show the region as a bright dim star. A telescope with a 200 mm lens can recognize the brightest stars of this set. The stars are nice to see.


Messier 2 contains approximately 150,000 stars, and a diameter of 150 light-years. Messier is very big. The globular flock is 3.7 light-years in size. The object has one of the densest stellar nuclei in the universe. Therefore, much like a star. This facility is among the oldest globular clusters associated with the Milky Way. The age of the flock is 13 billion years. The universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old. In conclusion, this means that the cluster is of incredible age. The cluster revolves around the Milky Way. In addition, it contains some of the oldest known stars in our galaxy. The M2 is moving towards us at a speed of 5.3 kilometers per second. The star cluster is far away, and will not reach us quickly. The speed is not great.

As seen through telescopes:

Messier 2 through telescopes
Messier 2 through telescopes

Position is here:

M2 position

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