Messier 1 in nice nebula
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Messier 1 Binocular 10×50

Of course, different astronomical devices give different details and sizes of the Crab Nebula. Binoculars may be the easiest way to find an object, but using a telescope brings fascinating experiences. The crab nebula can be seen in 10×50 binoculars as a small square object. Messier 1

Nice M1 binocular-10x50 photo
M1 binocular-10×50

10 inch telescopes

The 6-inch, 150 mm telescope gives an image of the Crab Nebula as an elliptical object. Still, a lot is seen. Thin stripes are visible on the object. With a 10-inch telescope of 255 mm, the Crab Nebula shows its beauty. Therefore, it should be sought. In conclusion, a beautiful nebula to see.

M1 telescopes 10 inch photo
M1 telescopes 10-incha

Position is here:

M1 position

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