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Magellanic clouds

Magellanic clouds are pale spots in the night sky of the southern hemisphere. These are dwarf galaxies, and belong to the Local Group of galaxies. These are irregular galaxies and are easy to see with the naked eye. For a beautiful view of these galaxies, you need good conditions and a starry sky. Astronomers have long believed that clouds are galaxies. It has been confirmed today that these are two different galaxies. The Great Magellanic Cloud is about 163,000 ly away from us. The small Magellanic cloud is approximately 198,000 ly away. When viewed from Earth, these two galaxies appear to be on the same plane. But the Little Magellanic Cloud is 35000 ly behind the Big on. The Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy was discovered in 1994 and it is the closest galaxy to our Milky Way. It used to be thought they were these clouds.

Collision of galaxies

Magellanic clouds orbit our galaxy. Following the movement of clouds, it was confirmed that they are approaching our galaxy. There are signals of a collision of two galaxies. Astronomers have also calculated the collision time of these clouds with our galaxy. Of course it is in the distant future. There are also a very large number of astronomers who claim that the galaxy collision has already begun. Of course people don’t see a spectacular galaxy collision in the sky but maybe the collision has really already begun. There are the first signs of merging. It has been theoretically proven that new stars also form during galaxy collisions. A long trail of gas emanating from Magellanic clouds has been discovered. The stream of Magellan is the name of this phenomenon. Astronomers observed the area in detail and discovered an interesting set of stars. The stream gives birth to new stars.

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