Lobster Claw nice nebula
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Know  Lobster Claw nebula

Sharpless 157 is known as the Lobsterclaw Nebula. This is a bright emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is located south of the famous nebula NGC 7635. In this picture there are several beautiful space objects. Near the center of the upper right quadrant, the PLN 110 planetary nebula can be seen. The bright nebula near the center of the image is Lyn’s bright nebula 537 (LBN537). This facility is also known as Sharpless 157a. The small cluster just above the lower thong is Markarian 50. The cluster of the bright star above the upper thong is the open cluster NGC 7510.


Lobster Claw nice nebula
Lobster Claw

Thanks to the author Michel van Nieuwland

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