lagrange points are interesting places in space
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Precisely relates objects in space

Lagrange points are interesting cosmic phenomena. Thinking about the universe, we come to the conclusion that objects relate to each other. The first thing that comes to mind is the gravitational relationship between the Sun and the planets. The sun affects the planets. The sun has gravity, and it binds the planets. The fascinating movements of the planets are determined by their orbits. Everything happens incredibly accurately and as expected. However, there are also some more complex relationships in space. Today I am talking about lagrange points. In space, there is the question of the relationship of three objects. The answer lies in Lagrange mechanics. Joseph-Louis Lagrange focused on the interaction of the three subjects. Negligibly small object compared to two large ones.

Gravity of objects

Today I am writing to you about the interesting impact of two massive object (A1 and A2) and a small object (B). Suppose that A1 is slightly larger than object A2 and that a small B body rotates around A2. Objects A2 and B move together around the common center of rotation A1 and A2 of the object. By circling around the common center of mass A1 and A2, they will not fall on each other. Although under the influence of gravitational pulls the objects will not fall on each other. Due to their large masses, A1 and A2 objects gravitationally attract a small B object. Because A1 is slightly larger than A2, A2 and B revolve around A1. B rotates about A1 together with A2. Object B is also subjected to centrifugal force, and gravitational influence.

What are Lagrange points

Vector addition of all these forces at each point in space yields an interesting result. At five points this sum equals zero.¬† If a B object (or any other small body) is found at one of those five points – that object remains “forever” at that point, and without the influence of large objects.¬† These points are called Langrangian points. These points are ideal for stationing telescopes, satellites, and other scientific devices. The powerful James Webb Space Telescope is expected to be mounted in the Lagranges point of the Earth-Sun system. These points are interesting, especially to astronomers.

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