Jupiters protections for the Earth

Jupiters protections for the Earth.
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Asteroid belt

When I recently wrote a text about Jupiter’s protections, you saw in the video how Jupiter affects objects approaching it, but also their orbits. All this is happening under the watchful eye of scientists. However, Jupiters shields don’t just react the way you saw in that video. The asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars contains millions of moving asteroids. There are objects known to astronomers in that belt, and one of them is the planetoid Ceres.

Jupiters protections for the Earth

There are theories that there was once a planet in that area that was broken. However, it now floats through that part of the universe like numerous asteroid objects. Many scientists accuse Jupiter of tearing the planet apart by its gravity. No one has yet provided evidence to support the incident. But there is a proven link between Jupiter’s “shields” and internal asteroids moving in the space between Jupiter and Mars. Unfortunately, the video is not of good quality – but it shows nicely what I’m talking about. Learn astronomy and astrophotography. Earth is in danger from asteroids. However, there are Jupiter’s shields.



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