iris nebula
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Many unusual objects float in space. There are nebulae that completely absorb light and they are not uncommon. This time I’m writing about nebulae that don’t create their own light. These nebulae reflect the brightness of the surrounding stars and are therefore different from dark nebulae. Dark nebulae in the sky are seen as dark spots and reflective nebulae glow due to the light of other stars. Clouds of gas and dust make up these nebulae. Reflective nebulae are indirectly illuminated because light from stars illuminates the gas and dust of the nebula. A similar phenomenon happens often around us. When a cloud of smoke or fog approaches street lighting, the visibility of smoke or fog increases. These fogs are so beautiful. The bright B stars illuminate the brightest reflective nebulae and then we see a beautiful space region to observe.


This reflective nebula is located approximately 1300 light years from the solar system. NGC 7023 is about 6 light-years large. You can see the nebula in the constellation Cepheus. At the center of the Iris Nebula is the extremely young star V380 Cep.The age of this star is estimated at only 5500 years. The V380 Cep has a lot of gas and dust around it. Dock V380 Cep. lights, dust and gases NGC 7023 nebula gives a magnificently beautiful sight. How is a nebula seen in the sky? Due to its apparent size of 6.8, many people think that the Iris nebula can be easily seen with a smaller telescope. But that is not the case. Due to the diffuse nature of this object, but also due to its large apparent size in the sky (18 arc minutes), the Iris nebula is not easy to see.


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