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The big universe

The universe is an incredibly large and incomprehensible place for human understanding. By studying the universe, we see how small and (it can be said) insignificant we are in that large space. When we understand some processes in space – then we see how powerless we are in front of the size and power of cosmic processes. One such event fascinates scientists, and many are in intensive search for it. It is a hypernova, for which the term collapse is also used. But right at the beginning let me say that these are extremely rare events. According to some estimates, event occurs in our Milky Way once in a million years, and because of this, studying Hypernova is very difficult.


At the base of the word Hypernova we see “nova” which immediately gives an association to supernova events. Although they are similar, don’t confuse these two terms. At the moment of the supernova, outer matter is rejected, and a new star remains in the center. It has been statistically proven that a neutron star most often appears in the middle of a supernova. A event has a similar process, but unlike a supernova – a hypernova breaks the inner star with the force of an explosion.

Star fuel

Each star burns its own fuel. When the fuel runs out, (due to the influence of gravity) the star begins to collapse. An explosion occurs, and the material is released in all directions. This happens terribly fast, and in that short period of time the hypernova releases millions of times more light than all the stars of the Milky Way combined. For many, this is unrealistic data, but measurements have shown that it is true. The universe is amazing and beautiful at the same time.

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