Hinode probe in solar exploration

Hinode probe in a solar exploration mission
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Japanese probe

The astronomical results that scientists present are always interesting and exciting. In other words, the universe is becoming more and more familiar to us every day. The development of technology has led to the discovery of planets in other galaxies. However, not all the characteristics of our Sun have been learned yet. The sun is our star, but it still has its secrets. Our star is much observed from Earth. However, the probes do not go to the sun often. One of the most serious projects to test the characteristics of the Sun began on September 22, 2006. It was then that the Japanese Hinode spacecraft was launched. It is located in orbit at an altitude of approximately 680 kilometers. In conclusion, this orbit allows the observation of the Sun continuously throughout the nine months of the year.

Hinode probe

The mission also began in October 2006. The Hinode probe explores the Sun’s magnetic fields. Above all, the probe examines what triggers solar eruptions. In addition, it monitors the movement of the solar atmosphere. There are three basic instruments for observation. These are the solar optical telescope, the extreme ultraviolet spectrometer and the X-ray telescope. Scientists monitored the operation of these devices. The telescopes worked flawlessly. Above all, they met their goals. The magnetic activities of the Sun have been investigated. In addition, they monitored the transmission and release of magnetic energy. Extremely detailed videos of the Sun’s surface were also made, and major activities on the Sun were recorded. The video shows what I’m talking about. The Japanese probe did an excellent job. With this mission, the Sun revealed many of its secrets.



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