HERSCHEL 3657 through telescopes telescopes
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is the most famous constellation in the northern hemisphere. The constellation Ursa Major has been observed in detail. There are many famous space objects in this region. However, the galaxy you see is less known. This spiral galaxy is known in the catalog as NGC 3657. PGC 35002 and UGC 6406 are other names for this galaxy. Scientists have explored this galaxy and calculated the characteristics. The diameter of the galaxy is approximately 18,000 light-years. In conclusion, our galaxy is much larger than this galaxy. It is 56 million years away from the Earth. William Herschel was the first to register NGC 3657. The galaxy was discovered in April 1789. The galaxy has a beautiful shape and is popular in astronomy. Therefore, the galaxy is often photographed.


As seen through telescopes:

NGC 3675 is a beautiful galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major. It is seen almost vertically in the sky.
NGC 3675 view

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