gancedo meteorit
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Meteors in the sky

Beautiful summer nights bring great spectacles to the sky. Frequent luminous objects fly in the sky. Meteors make beautiful scenes. However, they burn quickly. But some meteors reach Earth. People get very excited when they go in search of such facilities. Many of the meteors are found, but it is rare to find some large fallen object. One such is this meteor. Gancedo meteorit. When a bright light appeared in the sky of the Argentine region of Campo del Cielo about 4000 years ago – none of the observers knew the size of the object they saw. There was a big explosion, and a meteor shower spread across the Earth. The wrecked object is estimated at 84 tons, and about 300 meteorites have been found to date.

Gancedo meteorit

On September 10, 2016, a fragment of a meteorite was found, which is one of the largest meteorites found to date. The meteorite fell south of the city of Gancedo, and was named after it. Weighing 30 tons, this is (the largest) the third meteorite found in the world. Another large meteorite that fell to Earth is El Chaco with 37 tons. It was found in 1969 at a depth of five meters – also in the Campo del Cielo region of Argentina. The largest meteorite found is Hobba from Namibia. With a weight of 60 tons, it fell to Earth approximately 80,000 years ago. Due to its weight, it was never moved from the place of the fall. Meteors are rare. Because of this, they are valued.

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