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Fomalhaut Fam Alhut

The very beautiful star we see in the starry sky is one close star to us. Named as Fomalhaut, this blue / white star is located just 25 light-years away from the solar system. In addition to being among the closest stars, Fomalhaut is one of the more brilliant stars in the night sky – and has been introduced in the catalogs as the 18th brightest star. With 1.15 apparent magnitude, you don’t need a telescope to see it. The naked eye is easily found in the constellation Piscis Austrinus. This “close” star was among the first stars in which space scientists found an exoplanet. This means that a planet beyond our solar system has been found orbiting star. However, that’s not all.

Fomalhaut Kuiper Belt

Around this star there is an area of ​​the Fomalhaut Kuiper Belt of size 150 AU. It is an asteriodic area that is 150 times the Earth’s distance from the sun. This is the reason scientists expect the Formalhaut stars to orbit another planet they have not discovered so far. By the way, our solar system also has a Kuiper Belt that is 50 AU high. This star captivates with its beauty and is not much larger than the sun. The Formalhaut diameter is 2,922,576 km, which is only 2.10 times larger than our Sun. In the multitude of stars, Fomalhaut is not difficult to find and enjoy in one beautiful star in the sky above us. Learn Astronomy and Astrophotography.

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