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Huge asteroid

Euphrosyne is a very large asteroid. With a diameter of about 267 kilometers, this asteroid is larger than 99% of asteroids. It is located in the main part of the asteroid belt, and orbits between Mars and Jupiter. Euphrosyne is not classified as a potential hazard to the Earth. The orbit never approaches Earth. When closest to Earth, Euphrosyne’s orbit is 1.58 astronomical units away from Earth’s orbit. This means that there is an extremely wide space between this asteroid and the Earth at all times. By tracking this asteroid, no approach to Earth was observed.




Distance of Euphrosyne from the Sun

Euphrosyne orbits the Sun every 5.61 years. The distance of the asteroid from the Sun is stable. When it is closest to the Sun, it is at a distance of 2.46 astronomical units. When the asteroid is furthest away, it is measured at 3.85 astronomical units. Euphrosyne rotation was observed. It rotates around its axis every 5.50 days. During many years of research, astronomers have come to the following results. This asteroid probably contains nickel, iron, cobalt, water, nitrogen and ammonia. Eufrosine was last officially observed on January 16, 2020.

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