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Spectacular rocket launches

.    Man is safest when he walks the earth. For some people, flying in the air is a very big problem. The aircraft that carry passengers today are safe and carry millions of passengers around the world without any problems. But a lot of time was spent until security was reached. For years, experts have been solving various technical problems and planes fly safely today. Space travel remains a major challenge. When looking at spectacular rocket launches on our way to space, we always notice and marvel at the power of the engines that lift large and heavy aircraft. Many factors affect the ability and safety of taking off these expensive aircraft, but this time I’m writing about “Escape Velocity” from Earth and some of our other well-known objects in space. Escape Velocity is that speed that is sufficient to allow a rocket (without further acceleration) to escape from the gravitational center of attraction of a space object.

Escape Velocity

Atmospheric resistance is negligible as spacecraft separate from Earth. Escape Velocity for a rocket as it separates from the Earth is 11.186 km / s. This speed is fascinating but not even close to the required speed of the spacecraft to escape from the Sun. The required speed of the rocket for separation from the Sun is 617.5 km / s. If you were to take off from the moon – you wouldn’t need that much acceleration. The moon’s escape speed is “only” 2.38 km / s. And as you can see – the speed of escape is not the same for different space bodies. Here is the answer to why some planets cannot keep the atmosphere for long or the atmosphere is significantly different with planets. If the planet’s escape rate is small enough and close to the average molecular speed of the gas that makes up the atmosphere – then the atmosphere on that planet is lost. Flight into space is not easy.


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