Erathostenes and Apeninus on the Moon

Erathostenes and Apeninus on the Moon
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MARE IMBRIUM. Above the crater PLATON and to the left promontorium LAPLACE and SINUS IRIDUM (Bahia del Arco Iris). Below, the ERATHOSTENES crater, APENINUS mountains and CARPATUS mountains. maksutov 127mm AZ goto, Celestron 40mm eyepiece and Huawei mate 20 lite smartphone with adapter. Autostakkert and Registax 6.

Moon Juan Gomez 1
Moon Juan Gomez 1


MOON. Above the COPERNICUS and ERATHOSTENES craters, center the MARE NUBIUM, below the CLAVIUS and MAGINUS craters. Maksutov 127mm AZ goto Skywatcher, Celestron 40mm eyepiece and adapted Huawei mate 20 lite smartphone.

Moon Juan Gomez 2 in nice Moon photo
Moon Juan Gomez 2


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Erathostenes and Apeninus on the Moon space

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