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Exoplanets were found

Man’s life on Earth is endangered today more than ever. Ever since he knows for himself, man has dreamed one big dream – to go and inhabit another planet. Due to the large number of people, today it is the goal of many scientists in the world. There are people who have been studying Mars for a long time, and the possibility of inhabiting this red planet. But with the development of technology and the possibilities of astronomy – it moved in another direction. The search for planets (outside our system) on which the settlement of our civilization would be possible. Using new devices and exploring distant stellar systems, many planets surrounding their parent stars have long been found. Exoplanets.

Still far away

However, only a small number of these planets are “suitable” for settlement. Rare are planets that are similar to our Eaearthrth, and in the photo you see some of the planets that are supposed to be. But, after all – one simple question arises. How to reach these distant worlds? Distances to them are measured in tens, hundreds and even thousands of light years. How about the technology he possesses, how does a man visit those planets? Still, only a dream remains.

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