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Emission nebula

Deep space provides beautiful objects to observe. These are the most popular space objects for photography. How do emission nebulae form? A cloud of ionized gas emits light of different colors. Hot stars emit high-energy photons. The region in which the emission nebula is located took on a beautiful shape. Stellar photons affect particles and space becomes visible in a variety of colors. Young massive stars are intense sources of photons and this is the most common region where we find emission nebulae. The hot stars are located in the center of the emission nebulae and are most often blue in color. Powerful radiation is created which expels gas around itself and a giant bubble appears.

Dolphin Head Nebula

Dolphin Head Nebula Sh 2-308 is a bright cloud of gas located in the constellation Great Dog. You can find Dolphin Head Nebula near the bright and famous star Sirius. The nebula is 4550 light-years away from the solar system. In the center of the nebula is a bright star called EZ Canis Majoris. It is a young and hot star. In conclusion, this is extremely bright blue star. Canis Majoris emits strong winds of gas that go into space. The nebula we see now probably has a lot of nitrogen that forms inside the star. It is interesting that the brightest thing is oxygen, and oxygen is to be the least in the Dolphin Head Nebula. This shows how difficult it is to draw a conclusion based on the picture we see. You cannot see this object with the naked eye.

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