Days of the Sun

One hundred days of the Sun.
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Observing the starry sky with the naked eye we see a lot of stars. With telescopes we see more and more. But near us is one very famous star. The sun is our star. Much is known about her. However, this is an interesting video that shows some details in a nice way. Sunspots are always interesting to photograph. They appear suddenly, and they are huge regions in the Sun.

Days of the Sun

The Rotating Ball of Fire. I imaged the sun for 100 days in a row, from 25th December 2020 to 3rd April 2021. This is an animation of 100 images taken over these days. Like all the planets, the sun also rotates on its axis. But unnlike Earth, sun doesn’t have a solid surface, so its rotation is not uniform and rigid. Its rotational speed varies across the latitude: it rotates faster at the equatorial region a nd slower as we move towards the polar regions.

Rotation of the Sun

Sun’s equator takes about 24-25 days for a full rotation whereas it takes around 30-35 days for the polar regions to make a complete rotation. What we are seeing here is almost 4 complete rotation of the Sun (at least in the equator).  Soumyadeep Mukherjee

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