Comet 11PTempel-Swift-Linear is fascinating comet on sky
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In 1869, the Frenchman Ernst Wilhelm Tempel discovered comet 11P / Tempel-Swift-Linear. The comet was first seen in the constellation Pegasus. In those days, the 11P / Tempel-Swift-Linear comet looked like a circular obscure object. Astronomers had only 39 days to observe this comet, and after those days the object was no longer visible. The 11P / Tempel-Swift-Linear appears periodically, and in 1880 the orbital period and orbit of the comet were determined. It is characteristic that every other return is favorable for observation. 11P / Tempel-Swift-Linear was seen in August 2014, and these days it is a comet visible in small telescopes. In mid-January, 11P / Tempel-Swift-Linear was in the constellation Cetus, and these days it is moving to the constellation Taurus. You can see the path of the comet’s shortening in the picture: comet-11p-tempel-swift-linear is here

11PTempel-Swift-Linear is fascinating comet


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Comet 11P/Tempel-Swift-Linear these days space

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