The black hole in the galaxy M87 is an extraordinary event in space. Of course, you can't see it with telescopes.
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Galaxy in Virgo

Summer nights bring beautiful starry skies. I enjoy looking at different space objects. I’m looking at the sky. In addition, I enjoy nature. Therefore, I like to watch deep space and galaxies. I wrote a text about the galaxy M87 a few days ago. The movements that are happening around the galaxy M87 are attracting the attention of scientists. New details have been discovered in the galaxy. M87 is also known as the Virgo A galaxy, and is approximately 55 million years from Earth. Object  in the center of the galaxy has been found. This is the result of observing and calculating the space at the center of the galaxy M87. Photos taken between 2009 and 2017 are linked into a series. The video was obtained by stacking photos of the development of a black hole in the galaxy.

Black hole

Therefore, the historical film Black Hole shows great events. In addition, the video shows a ball of light swirling around a supermassive black hole. The film is blurred, in addition it is difficult to shoot. However, it turns out what the events near the black hole look like. The ring on one side looks brighter than the other. Complex dynamics take place around the black hole. A unique video showing the main events around the supermassive object hole in the center of the galaxy M87.

Technological development

People who do not know astronomy are insecure. Therefore, they suspect the existence of black holes. However, they are certainly wrong. Technology brings great opportunities. The devices bring great discoveries to deep space. Therefore, much progress is being made.

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