birth life death star
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Star phases

Looking at the natural world around us, we see beautiful landscapes that fascinate us with their beauty. Mountains and forests seem to be there forever, and in that beauty – few people think that everything has a beginning and an end. Although it all takes millions of years – natural landscapes and geographical areas are constantly changing. Everything has a beginning and an end. And not only on Earth, but also in space, dramatic births and deaths take place.

Birth life death star

Although these are often fascinatingly large space objects, they are all subject to the laws of beginning and end. The births of stars, galaxies, planets or comets take place constantly, but the deaths or decays of these structures are also present in these cosmic depths. The image you see shows three stellar phases. But don’t forget that this takes an extremely long time, and that for the rest of your life you will certainly not see the birth, life and death of the same star.

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