Asteroid Interamnia is big asteroid.
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Asteroid orbit

Like many known asteroids, Interamnia is an asteroid orbiting the main part of the asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter). The diameter of Interamnia is approximately 306 kilometers, and it is one of the largest facilities in the region. Interamnia is not classified as potentially dangerous to Earth. By tracking the asteroids, it was confirmed that the orbit of the asteroid is not approaching the Earth. Between this asteroid and Earth, there is an extremely large space all the time. It is calculated that the closest distance of Interamnia from the Earth is 1.66 AU.

Interamnia rotation

Interamnia orbits the Sun in 5.34 years. The asteroid’s orbit is expectedly elongated, and approaching the Sun at 2.60 AU. The farthest point of Interamnia from the Sun is 3.50 AU from the Sun. The asteroid rotates around its axis every 8.7 days. It may seem slow, but that’s the speed expected for an asteroid of that size. Interamnia was last observed in late January 2020. The asteroid has a stable orbit and is not a frequent target of astronomer research. An asteroid is a beautiful object to observe. The building is large.

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