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Fast object

Knowing the planets and their orbits, many people think they know enough about our solar system. But the many objects that were discovered surprised many, including astronomers, around the world. One such object was found in 2008. It is simply called the Asteroid KV42, and is also known as the Dracula asteroid. It is estimated to be about 90 kilometers long, and at a speed of about 32 km / s, the KV42 asteroid has been orbiting the Sun in 269 years.

Interstellar object

This is the first discovered trans-Neptune object orbiting the Sun in the opposite direction to all other bodies in the Solar System. The inclination of the orbit is what surprised astronomers. With a slope of 104 °, KV42 orbits the Sun vertically on the planets of the solar system. The reason for the angle of this orbit is still unknown, and many speculate that this is a captured interstellar object. The average distance of this asteroid from the Sun is 42 AU. When it is closest to the sun, it is still around 21 AU. The perihel of this object is in the orbit of the planet Uranus. Very far.

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