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Massive star

Star is one very beautiful object that you can easily find near the famous constellation Ursa Major. You don’t need a telescope because Arcturus is not hard to find. The star certainly dominates that part of the universe. Following the arc of the three isolated stars of Ursa Major, the first bright star you encounter is Arcturus. It is (in the northern hemisphere) the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky in the spring, and the fourth brightest star in the night sky. It is located in the constellation Bootes. At the moment, star is closest to the Solar System and with an apparent magnitude of -0.05 is 36.7 light-years or 11.26 parsecs away from our Solar System.


I will say an interesting fact here. Star became visible half a million years ago, and due to its movement towards the constellation Virgo – in about a million years it will not be visible to the naked eye. Star is a member of the Milky Way’s thick disk, a category that makes up only 4% of the stars in our galaxy. These are stars that are thousands of light years below and above the galactic plane. Arcturus is a red giant, and with a diameter of 35,346,640 kilometers – Arcturus is close to 26 times larger than the Sun. But with a temperature of 4,336 Kelvin, this is colder than the Sun. The telescope gives a nice view, but Arcturus can also be seen with the naked eye.

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