Aquarius is the tenth largest constellation
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Where is everything seen?

Looking at the beautiful starry sky, we immediately notice the constellations in the sky. Famous star contours create constellations that people get to know quickly. However, there are many constellations and people should learn about everyone. Now I am writing about another famous contour in the sky. Beautiful Aquarius. This is an interesting constellation and can be seen from both the southern and northern hemispheres. Of course, it is not visible from both sides at the same time during the year. The constellation is visible in autumn in the northern hemisphere and in spring in the southern hemisphere.

Aquarius is zodiac constallation

Aquarius is large and it is the tenth largest constellation in the sky. In addition, Aquarius is one of the 13 constellations of the zodiac. This shows that the constellation moves along the path that the Sun moves during the year. As with all constellations, it is difficult to determine the distance from Earth. Logically, the stars are differently distant from our planet. However, if we take the average of the farthest and nearest major stars in the constellation relative to our planet we get the average distance. The farthest main star is at 782 light-years, and the nearest main at 92 light-years. The average distance of the Aquarius constellation is 284 light-years.


The nearest and farthest star

In addition to the major stars, the nearest star is Ross 780 15 light-years from Earth. It is much smaller than the SX Aquarii star which also belongs to Aquarius. The SX Aquarii is 32,616 light-years away. Sadalsuud is a yellow supergiant that is the brightest star in Aquarius at 2.9 apparent magnitude. This constellation contains three Messier objects. M2 is one of the largest globular clusters of stars. M73 four-star asterism and M72 spherical cluster. Aquarius is an interesting constellation where you can see many more deep sky objects.

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Aquarius is a very interesting constellation SPACE

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