Antlia constellation seen in the southern hemisphere
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Observing the starry sky, we very quickly learn the names of the constellations that adorn the sky. Many of us quickly notice large and familiar constellations, and are fascinated to think we have learned enough about these beautiful star clusters. However, there are also smaller constellations that adorn the sky. One of them is the Antlia constellation. This small group of stars is located in the southern hemisphere, and is best seen in mid-April. Abbe Nicolas Louis de Lacaille first drew Antlia in the 18th century. This constellation is not easy to find, and you need to be very focused to recognize the contours of Antlia. Observing the stars of this constellation, scientists have also discovered one exoplanet.

How big is Antlia

The constellation covers 239 square degrees. Because of this, Antlia is the 62nd largest constellation in the sky. The constellation has four main stars, and none exceeds 4 magnitudes. Antlia does not contain Messier objects. Therefore, you may think that this is a less interesting constellation. But it’s not. In the direction of the Antlia region, you can find several interesting deep space objects. At a distance of approximately 4.3 million years, there is a dwarf galaxy. In giant clouds, at a distance of approximately 25 million light-years, lies the spiral galaxy NGC 2997. These are beautiful space objects. However, it takes a lot of patience to find them.



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