andromeda is the closest galaxy to us
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When we look at the sky above us on clear starry nights, we see a magnificent sight that leaves everyone breathless. Many people remain lovers of that scene for the rest of their lives. Over time, the universe begins to be viewed differently. Beginners in astronomy usually begin to follow the planets and their movement in the sky with the naked eye. The planets and the moon are objects to be observed. After a while, they start thinking about looking into deep space. In the beginning, a binocular is enough for some “closer objects”. A lot can be seen with him. This is especially true of Messier facilities. At this point, the purchase of a deep space observation device must be considered. It is very difficult to say what to buy, but an 8 or 10 inch telescope can certainly bring beautiful scenes while observing the deep.

Andromeda galaxy

Andromeda is the farthest object in the sky that you can see with the naked eye. Of course, you will first need some dark place outside the city bustle and crystal clear skies above you. With binoculars or a smaller telescope it is easy to find. Above all, because it is close. It is located in the Andromeda constellation of the same name and is estimated to be 2.57 million light-years away. Because light from Andromeda took so long to reach your pupil, you are actually seeing a picture (the past) as it was 2.57 million years ago. This spiral galaxy has 3.4 visual magnitudes and is best seen during the fall. The Andromeda diameter is 157,000 light-years and is estimated at 300-400 billion solar masses. The galaxy is large, and twice the size of our galaxy.

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